5 Adorable & Easy Crafts For Kids

5 Adorable & Easy Crafts For Kids

Are your kids bored at home and getting a little too much screen time these days? Well, here are some adorable, fun, and easy, crafts that you have to try! These are great for kids who like animals.

1. Coffee Filter Butterfly

This is one of my favorites. These sweet butterflies are so simple and pretty!

2.Interactive Frog Prince

Who doesn’t need one of these princely frogs? I love how springy they are!

3.Swimming Jelly Fish

Very cute! Move the craft stick behind the paper plate, and watch the colorful jellyfish “swim” around.

4.Interactive Paper Fish

Such a whimsical look! This guy makes a great friend for the jelly fish.

5. Paper Plate Dinosaur

A fun classic!