Noah and the Magic Dragon

Written by Amy McNeil and Illustrated by Cristina Pecherle

Plot Summary
(for ages 3-8)Noah hates going to bed and fights with his parents every night. He throws tantrums and cries until his parents can’t take any more.One night, Noah’s mother gives him a stuffed dragon to keep him company while he sleeps. Although Noah loves the dragon, he wishes that bedtime could be more fun.Little does he know, his wish is about to come true. The dragon, named Flame, is magic and can fly into the dreams of children. As Noah sleeps, Flame takes him on a fantastical journey to Dreamland, where Noah has more fun than he has ever had in his life. He hunts for candy in a castle, rides on a gondola, hikes in a forest of candy canes, and much more.Eventually, the time comes when Noah must return home. He doesn’t want leave and begs to stay, but Flame promises that they can come back every night. And so now, Noah happily goes to bed with Flame by his side. And to his parents’ delight, he goes without a fight!

Written in rhyme, this book is jam packed with whimsical illustrations and a memorable story that is sure to delight any child. It is available in both Print and Kindle formats.


Noah Brushing Teeth Noah and Flame

Book Trailer

About the Illustrator – Cristina Pecherle
Cristina Pecherle lives in Romania and graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. Drawing is her favorite thing to do, and she does everything from freehand characters and doodles to book illustration and digital art. She has illustrated children’s books, murals, posters, postcards, and more.