• Jacob the Dragon Catcher

Children’s Books

Noah and the Magic Dragon Noah and the Magic Dragon

Noah hates going to bed and fights with his parents every night. One evening, Noah receives a stuffed dragon to keep him company while he sleeps. As it turns out, the dragon is magic and can fly into the dreams of children. Written in rhyme, this book tells the extraordinary tale of a boy and his dragon as they travel through a vivid dreamscape of fun and adventure. It is jam packed with whimsical illustrations and a memorable story that is sure to delight any child. Learn more

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Jacob the Dragon Catcher Jacob the Dragon Catcher

In this charming fairy tale, Jacob stalks the woods looking for dragons to catch and sell to the zoo. As the most cunning and successful of all the dragon catchers, he accumulates great wealth and is famous around the world. Jacob, however, doesn’t feel good about what he is doing and realizes that things must change… Written in rhyme, against a backdrop of beautiful watercolor illustrations, this book tells the heartwarming story of a young dragon catcher who lets his conscience guide him to a kinder, gentler way of being. Learn more

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Coco Saves Monstertown Coco Saves Monstertown

Coco doesn’t fit in at his new school because he isn’t scary, and the other monsters tease him. When the annual Halloween festival hosts the Scariest Monster Contest, Coco’s classmates can’t wait to sign up. On the day of the event, Coco hides out…and strikes up a surprising new friendship. When disaster strikes the festival, Coco and his new friend act quickly to get the situation under control, and everyone learns a valuable lesson.Through a series of colorful, character-rich illustrations, this whimsical story comes to life in a burst of personality that is sure to leave a smile on your face. Learn More

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Inspirational and Self-Help Books

Simple Ways to Bring Peace and Joy into Your Life Simple Ways to Bring Peace and Joy into Your Life

Although we are all spiritual beings at our essence, we live in such a chaotic world that it’s easy to forget our true nature. This short, inspirational book offers twelve powerful “rules to live by” that will teach you how to honor yourself, listen to divine guidance, and alleviate your suffering. Gain inspiration and information from a source that you will refer to again and again. Learn More