Jacob the Dragon Catcher

Written by Amy McNeil and Illustrated by Vicky Bowes

Plot Summary
(for ages 5+

In this charming fairy tale, young Jacob stalks the woods with his tranquilizer gun, looking for dragons to catch and sell to the zoo. As the most cunning and successful of all the dragon catchers, he accumulates great wealth and is revered by everyone in town.Jacob, however, doesn’t feel good about what he is doing. He can see how sad and frightened the captured dragons are, and he realizes that things must change.Written in rhyme, against a backdrop of beautiful, watercolor illustrations, this book tells the heartwarming story of a boy who lets his conscience guide him to a kinder, gentler way of being.

The story teaches children valuable lessons about friendship, doing the right thing, and saying you’re sorry. They will come to understand that a true friend is worth more than all the riches in the world.

This book is available in both Print and Kindle formats.


Jacob the Dragon Catcher
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About the Illustrator – Vicky Bowes
Vicky Bowes works as a children’s book illustrator and also paints pet portraits (Vicky’s Pet Portraits). In 2006, she co-founded Ocean Roots, an artistic collaborative that uses visual art and music to deliver environmental messages regarding ocean conservation. Vicky has a rich background to match her illustrations. She grew up in the historic town of Shropshire, England amid its rolling hills and dairy farms, spending countless hours in the nearby forest. As a young woman, she moved to Caerleon in Wales, where she attended an art university. She takes every opportunity to travel with her husband throughout the world. Firm believers of living in the moment, they have been on countless journeys, such as running hostels in New Zealand and Australia, helping at a ski resort on the side of an active volcano, and forming the eclectic and energetic band NoRey.