Coco Saves Monstertown

Written by Amy McNeil and Illustrated by Richard Svensson

Plot Summary
(for ages 5+

Coco has just moved to Monstertown and is excited about making new friends. Unfortunately though, his first day of school doesn’t go so well. Coco quickly discovers that he isn’t like the other monsters. His classmates are scary, have big teeth, and roar ferociously. Coco isn’t scary, and he isn’t very good at roaring. The other monsters tease Coco because he is different.

When October comes, it’s time for Monstermania, the annual Halloween festival, and the Scariest Monster Contest. All of Coco’s classmates can’t wait to sign up for the contest. On the day of the event, Coco hides someplace where nobody will find him. But as it turns out, somebody does find him, and Coco strikes up a surprising new friendship.

When disaster strikes the Monstermania Festival, Coco and his new friend act quickly to get the situation under control. Once the danger has passed, Coco and the other monsters realize that there are some things more important than being the scariest monster in Monstertown.

This book is available in both Print and Kindle formats.


Coco Saves Monstertown
Coco on the Playground Coco Hiding

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About the Illustrator – Richard Svensson
Richard Svensson lives in Sweden and has been creative for as long as he can remember. He’s a professional cartoonist, hobbyist stop-motion animator, and amateur film-maker. He also designs and builds masks and props for film, television, and theater groups.